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3M Thinsulate Window Film

Protect yourself from the cold winter weather and stay warm in the comfort of your home with these insulation films. With this quality product, you can avoid the hassle of having to replace your windows while saving considerable amounts of money. 

Stay warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer and overall more energy efficient throughout the year, while keeping the aesthetics of your home and the view to the outside practically unchanged. 

Our revolutionary window film for Low-E (low emissivity) is virtually transparent and greatly increases the insulation of your existing windows. Opting for our insulating films enables you keep the heat inside during the cold seasons by maximizing the level of insulation in your home or office. Therefore winters are warmer indoors and summers cooler, with a more efficient energy consumption throughout the year. You can achieve all this and still maintain the aesthetics of your interior and the view to the outside virtually untouched.

Berkayly is proud to have participated in increasing energy efficiency for 100 Alexis-Nihon building

The first time winner of the Net Zero Challenge 2018 supported by National Research Council and Boma. The 100 Alexis Nihon building was the recipient of the most Energy efficient building in Canada. We were involved in providing the window film upgrade technology which helped reduce the energy requirement for the building. Hope we can include this info in our web site.

Insulating window films – comfort

Despite the freezing temperatures brought on by Quebec winters, our insulating films use a Low-E film (low emissions) technology that is simply revolutionary and ensures maximum comfort. This product is almost completely transparent yet versatile enough to collect the heat from the sun and channel it directly into your home. Our insulating films also preserve the look of your windows without altering their appearance, leaving your view virtually unchanged.


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    With the 3M Thinsulate 75 Thermal Control insulation window Film, you can improve your comfort level and the efficiency of your insulation throughout the year. These films are efficient, comfortable and virtually invisible.

    • Increases the energy efficiency of the glass panels by raising the thermal resistance of single glazing window to that of a double glazing window and a double glazing to that of a triple glazing window;
    • Improves the comfort level in your space even during the harshest winter months;
    • The heat rejection technology provides greater cooling comfort and saves energy during the summer months;
    • The neutral appearance of the window film allows you to preserve the appearance of the building while still allowing a high intensity of visible light to enter indoors;
    • Helps to preserve the furniture by significantly reducing harmful UV rays, which are the primary cause of discoloration and fading;
    • Includes a Comprehensive 3M Warranty

    Now you can easily increase the insulation level of your windows and save big!


    Installation on 90 square meters of thermal control 3M Thinsulate 75 window film.

    Client’s problematic:

    • Listed property whose architectural style can not be changed;
    • Single windows glazing generating cold areas with draft;
    • Installation need to meet government standards for energy savings.


    Want to stay comfortably warm this winter without the hassle of having to completely replace your windows? Window replacement is an expensive process and may not be necessary if your windows are still in good condition. Thanks to this efficient and cost-effective alternative, it is now possible to easily improve your home’s level of insulation. Insulating films maximize the insulation level of your windows and costs considerably less. You get all the benefits of full insulation without the drawbacks of an expensive installation.

    Why choose our insulating films?

    Thinsulate insulation offers many advantages, among them; it maintains the aesthetic appearance of your furniture by protecting it from UV rays. Your furniture and other belongings are therefore be protected from any form of discoloration or fading caused by extended exposure to sunlight, keeping them in good condition for many years to come.

    Insulating your windows can have a significant impact on your energy consumption (heating bills). Because windows offer a way for heat to escape, it is important to ensure that they provide adequate thermal insulation tailored to your specific needs. You don’t need to change your windows to improve their energy efficiency. With our insulating films, you can considerably increase the insulation level of your windows and benefit from optimal energy efficiency, saving you both time, money and energy while keeping the heat indoors during the winter season.

    Enjoy absolute comfort throughout the seasons by opting for our Thinsulate films. Keep the heat indoors when the temperature outside drops and stay cool during the summer season when it gets hot outside. With this revolutionary technology, our protective films can actually give you the best of both worlds. This unique concept helps you create a warm and comfortable environment.

    The insulating films have a neutral appearance, meaning they protect your windows without affecting their aesthetic style. Because the film is neutral and almost totally transparent, installing this product on your windows means you ensure they will retain their original appearance. Your home keeps its appearance and benefits from better insulation. As Thinsulate films transmit the heat from sunlight, they help to illuminate your home on sunny days. This film will not darken your decor, quite the contrary!

    Get in touch for a consultation with our team of specialists. Our advisors are available to answer all your questions. They can guide you through your purchasing process to help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs. Our team will carefully examine your current situation and find the most advantageous product that can work for you. Save valuable time and money by making the right choice to get all the protection you need.

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