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Protect your environment with

our security windows films

A reliable
protective agent

Keep your environment safe with film that acts as a shield, protecting you in any scenario. These impact resistant window films hold the shattered pieces inside the protective film keeping you safe from flying glass and shards.

Acts of

Ease of cleaning


Simplified repair

of personnel

Reinforced security

Protection of property
and equipment

An insured value

A security window film that acts as a shield

Anti-intrusion film
The installation of security window films creates a safe environment for your family, your customers and your employees, adding to their sense of well-being. The film’s tear resistant properties resist intrusions and help avoid damage. Intruders who attempt to smash your window will find themselves facing an unbreakable film. It’s highly useful in deterring would-be criminals while giving your security staff enough time to respond.
Security window film
Guard against damage
Protect your windows and glass surfaces and avoid damage from criminal acts. Along with breakage and vandalism –resistant surfaces, the broken glass is held in place in case of vandalism. If you are a victim of graffiti, safety films are easily replaceable. These means significant savings in window replacement or cleaning costs! It’s never been easier to protect your business or your home!

    Acts of vandalism



Guard against spontaneous glass breakage

Safety windows films

Prevent damage
Spontaneous glass breakage can cause serious injuries and expose your environment to significant damage. Shards, debris and flying glass associated with glass breakage can have serious consequences. There are numerous causes for spontaneous glass breakage: glass defects, wear and tear, temperature changes (ice, hail), etc.
Make your environment safer for your customers, your employees or your family members with professional installation of durable window films. Protection is guaranteed!
High-performance anti-intrusion window film
Efficient solutions to disaster risks
No one is immune to natural disasters or acts of terrorism, so installing safety and security window films is an important option. Besides ensuring security, they protect you from glass breakage and are highly resistant to projections and impacts. Since the sources of glass breakage due to disasters are at all levels, it is highly recommended to opt for professional-grade, high quality 3M window films for protection of your environment.


    Bad weather


Films meeting
energy-efficient standards

Stay comfortable and reduce costs
Watch your electricity bill drop drastically when you opt for high energy-efficient UV films. These films filter out the sun’s rays and provide top-notch insulation during the cold winters. And during hot summer periods, the films can reduce heat by 35% to 80% when your facades are exposed to sun.
Combining elegance and comfort, window films offer significant year-round savings. You benefit from an alternative to window replacement, while enjoying long-term savings and reducing your environmental footprint. Contact a Berkayly specialist today!
Let our experts advise you
Proof of quality
Berkayly ensures your peace of mind with an exceptional warranty from Berkayly and the manufacturer. Rely on a sustainable product with high-energy efficiency.

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