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Flawless insulation
Discover high-performance window film that keeps optimum room temperature at low cost. You get unequalled comfort and superior energy efficiency.

Reduces up to
0 %

of total
solar energy

Offers up to
0 %

saving in

Retains up to
0 %

of radiant

Offers up to
0 %

reduction in
heat loss

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Improved customer experience
Sun control window film offers unequalled comfort
Caring about your client’s comfort and well-being means offering them a pleasant experience when they visit your business. In addition to seasonal temperature control, you can provide your clients with superior screening with the shade included in the film. Enjoy decreased glare and reflection for clear visual comfort.
Clearly visible
All the benefits of high-performance window film
Enhance your displays with exceptional quality film. Along with enhanced visibility, the film allows in natural light while efficiently blocking solar heat.
Your customers will benefit from the reduction of reflections when passing your business. They get a pleasant view inside, regardless of the position of the sun. Make your business presentations attractive and inviting with Prestige sun control window film designed for optimal exposure.

01. Low reflectivity films Ideal transparency for display cases

02. Efficient without being too tinted: up to 40% of blocked heat

03. Designed to fight UV rays: filters 99% of UV rays

An alternative to changing windows
Save money by choosing film with multiple properties
An affordable solution to changing windows, enjoy superior insulation and a clear visibility with low-E film.


Application of various shades
for different styles


Filter for
UV rays

Economical and sustainable
Although many films are available on the market, many of them crack, peel or lose their effectiveness. Trust the one and only film designed to be sustainable solution.

Preserve your furniture
and products

A high-grade film that prevents fading

Continuously exposing your products to daylight can cause discolouration and alter the colour of your furniture and displays. Your shop windows act like real magnifying glasses when facing the sun’s rays. Whatever the products, protect them and your displays from UV rays and fading. Showcase your products and ensure their lifespan by opting for a film that resists harmful effects of the sun year-round!

Our quality guarantee
Berkayly ensures peace of mind with an exceptional manufacturer’s warranty. Rely on a sustainable product with high-energy efficiency.
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