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Added comfort with
reduced electricity costs

Discover our high-performance film
Designed to ensure daily comfort with the seasons, discover optimal and energy-efficient solar control solutions. The insulating properties mean pleasant thermal comfort and reduced electricity costs.

Reduces up to
0 %

of total
solar energy

Offers up to
0 %

saving in

Retains up to
0 %

of radiant

Offers up to
0 %

reduction in
heat loss

Flawless insulation
Enjoy savings by choosing a film with multiple properties
An affordable solution to changing windows: you get superior insulation and a clearer visibility with low-E film.

Cost reduction

Application of various shades for different styles

Proven insulation

Filter for UV rays

Enjoy the ultimate in
visual comfort

Sun control window films: designed to impress
While your windows let you see the outside world and bring in daylight, they can affect your visual comfort. Glare and reflections can cause discomfort by invading and reflecting in your screens. Discover low-reflectivity solutions developed for clear vision.

Protect your furniture
against fading

window films counter the three main causes of fading. They reduce effects of solar heat, UV rays and visible light on your floors and furniture. More importantly, they block 99.9% of UV rays, the leading cause of fading. While no film can fully prevent fading, our films slow it down, to keep your home looking younger over time.
Combining privacy & aesthetics

01.Add charm to your home

Available in several shades, solar film revamps your windows while adding charm to your home. With style and comfort, our range of finishes, patterns, and colours brighten your rooms while filtering out the sun’s rays.
02.Added privacy
Increase home comfort with our range of films in different finishes and textures. Their opacity will meet your criteria and needs for comfort and privacy, without affecting your decor. Consult our specialists to find out more about film that ensures privacy in your home.

Protect your
family and property

Anti-intrusion film
Anti-intrusion films are designed to ensure your family’s safety! They reduce damage from potential break-ins by making your windows virtually unbreakable. Since the films aim to deter burglars from entering your home, you and your family will feel extra safe and secure. Both invisible and highly robust, this high-quality anti-theft window film provides an additional layer of protection.
Our guarantee of quality
Berkayly ensures peace of mind with an exceptional warranty on quality films. Trust in a sustainable product with superior energy efficiency. certified installer in Quebec for over 25 years, Berkayly offers both a manufacturer’s warranty and its own warranty for film installation.

Films meeting
energy-efficient standards

Stay comfortable and reduce costs
Watch your electricity bill drop drastically when you opt for high energy-efficient UV films. These films filter out the sun’s rays and provide top-notch insulation during the cold winters. And during hot summer periods, the films can reduce heat by 35% to 80% when your facades are exposed to sun.

Combining elegance and comfort, window films offer significant year-round savings. You benefit from an alternative to window replacement, while enjoying long-term savings and reducing your environmental footprint. Contact a Berkayly specialist today!

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