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A wide selection of
decorative window films

When you choose decorative films, you add a hint of design to your decor while enhancing privacy and the safety of the glazing in case of breakage. Our durable polyester products let you manage your space in style. The decorative film diffuses light according to your preferences, blocking nearly 99% of the sun’s UV rays and creating a unique effect in your space. Customize your environment with decorative films in a wide range of shades and styles.
  • Frosted privacy film
  • Architectural film
  • Imitation sandblasted
  • Corporate images and logos

Get the effect you want from our many available patterns available or opt for a personalized pattern. Creativity has no limits!

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Guaranteed privacy

Installing frosted decorative film will diffuse light in a soothing, peaceful atmosphere, allowing you to work in peace and quiet. Your decorated windows will provide comfort and peace of mind. Protect your privacy while adding attractive visual effects to your work environment. Some decorative films have a matte surface that brings a touch of elegance to your office, conference room, waiting room or glass curtain wall. Depending on your lighting needs, you can choose effects ranging from opaque to transparent, to create a soft and comforting ambience. Add intimacy to your environment and help reduce the effort and costs of decoration, while enhancing privacy and protection. Several styles and shades are available.

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Advantages of decorative film


You get the beauty, translucency and intimacy of engraved, chiseled, sandblasted or textured glass at only a fraction of the price. The films can be installed on site without affecting the client’s work.

Unlike frosted glazing, decorative films can be replaced or removed after their service life, allowing clear glass to be recovered and significantly reducing waste that would be buried in the soil. We are proud of the reduced environmental impact of decorative film.


Decorative We offer a wide range of decorative products for stunning effects that can be customized to satisfy every client’s tastes. These films are easy to adapt, install and maintain while ensuring superior results.



Perfect for indoors and outdoors, these professionally installed technologies suit flat or curved surfaces. The film is surprisingly versatile and can be cut into several formats and styles at the customer’s choice.

Des pellicules qui répondent aux standards éco-énergétiques

Obtenez plus de confort tout en réduisant votre facture

Voyez votre facture chuter considérablement en optant pour les pellicules anti-UV! Celles-ci sont conçues pour bloquer les rayons du soleil et vous procurer une isolation sans pareil lors des grands froids hivernaux. De plus, les pellicules sont susceptibles de réduire de 30 à 80% la chaleur lorsque vos façades sont exposées aux hausses de température durant les chaudes périodes estivales.
Les transferts de chaleur ainsi limités, vous n’avez plus à faire face à d’importantes dépenses en termes d’électricité, et ce, tout au long de l’année. En plus de vous faire économiser à long terme, vous profiterez d’une réelle alternative aux changements de fenêtres. Contactez un spécialiste Berkayly dès maintenant!

Discover the trendy

DI-NOC mc mc
Aesthetic architectural film
Transform your space by opting for DI-NOC design films, designed to add flair to your decor at a lower cost. Give your equipment and furniture a second life with a trendy look and the latest styles. With professional installation, you can easily adopt different patterns, textures and finishes thanks to their flexible and durable properties- without having to replace your furniture. See our different aspects available:

   Simulates Wood

   Simulates Metal

   Simulates Granite and Marble

   Simulates Stone

   Simulates Concrete

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