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Effective solutions
to window replacement

Achieve economies of scale

While replacing your windows can be very expensive and not very ecological, anti-UV films offer a sustainable and economical solution. Reduce electricity costs with energy-efficient films and unparalleled comfort.

Reduces up to
0 %

of total
solar energy

Offers up to
0 %

saving in

Retains up to
0 %

of radiant

Offers up to
0 %

reduction in
heat loss

They also chose Berkayly

Provigo store

Prestige-70 exterior sun control window film providing optimal comfort and a clear view, day and night.

Building le 100 Alexis Nihon

The 100 Alexis Nihon building recipient in 2018 of the Boma Canada Net Zero challenge

Using Low-E 35 sun control window film.

Caisse Desjardins

3M window film solutions upgrade can reduce up to 74% solar heat reduction contributing to lower air conditioning costs and improved comfort.

Condo Dix-30 Brossard

A reduction of more than 10 degrees Celsius using Prestige-40 exterior film

Guaranteed comfort

Films meeting
energy-efficient standards

Stay comfortable and reduce costs
Watch your electricity bill drop drastically when you opt for high energy-efficient UV films. These films filter out the sun’s rays and provide top-notch insulation during the cold winters. And during hot summer periods, the films can reduce heat by 35% to 80% when your facades are exposed to sun.

Combining elegance and comfort, window films offer significant year-round savings. You benefit from an alternative to window replacement, while enjoying long-term savings and reducing your environmental footprint. Contact a Berkayly specialist today!

The performance of the mirror effect
Mirror anti-UV films reflect the sun’s rays outward. You’ll enjoy an unobstructed view and optimal visual comfort, as the film uses proven technology to reduce glare and block UV rays. Ask our specialists about LEED certification

Solutions for
optimal working climate

Watch staff productivity increase
Enjoy real energy and comfortable workspaces. Reduced glare from glass façades helps ensure employee productivity, as light does not reflect through screens. Diffuse lighting, where the sun’s rays are filtered, provides optimum visual comfort that ensures a genuine sense of well-being. Applying films helps to foster a pleasant room temperature, in winter and in summer!


Optimized comfort

Optimum temperature


Prevent fading caused
by UV rays

Extend the life of your furniture
The films’ UV protection helps preserve the colours and appearance of your goods and furniture. Large glass surfaces act as magnifying glasses in the sun and can alter their appearance. Defy the effects of time and keep work spaces undisturbed with professional film installation.
Proof of quality
Berkayly ensures your peace of mind with an exceptional warranty from Berkayly and the manufacturer. Rely on a sustainable product with high-energy efficiency.

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