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3M films can increase the overall comfort level by:

  • Blocking up to 82% of heat from the sun;
  • Reducing up to 84% of glare from the sun;
  • Blocking up to 99% of ultraviolet rays.
  • Retaining the heat in the winters
  • Diminishing the heat in the summers

Reduce your energy costs!

Comfortable inside. No matter what happens outside.

Anti-UV films by 3M: the one-stop solution!


UV protection films are a great option when looking to add a unique decor to your home. 3M UV films not only offer many benefits that help lower your energy costs, they also improve the aesthetic of your home. Our customized products are designed specifically for your windows and upgrade your decor while also providing you with all the privacy you need. Some UV protection films do not affect the amount of light that enters your home, Thereby leaving the level of brightness in your home completely unchanged. Treat yourself to unparalleled comfort while enhancing the appearance of your home. Learn more about our products today!


Comfort in the home is one of the most important factors for a better quality of life. Your well-being is a priority. That is why our insulating films make all the difference by considerably improving the ambient temperature of your home. Once the outside temperature drops during the winter, our products retain the heat inside your space. By taking full advantage of this technology that traps heat indoors; you also save money by reducing your energy consumption. Stay warm during the winter, get the economical solution that has been tried and tested. Ask one of our consultants to learn more about the benefits of insulating film.


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    Window films adapt to the changing seasons. During the winter, they keep you warm by trapping the heat indoors. During the summer, they prevent solar heat from entering through the windows, which keeps the freshness inside. UV protection films by 3M are also designed to protect you from ultraviolet rays by blocking out up to 99% of the UV rays from the sun, a protection that provides many benefits. Contact our experts for more information on all of our products.

    Reduced energy consumption

    3M films reflect heat toward the exterior of the building and thereby reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You can save up to one tonne of air conditioning per 100 square feet of windows exposed to the sun. During the winter, 3M all-season films retain up to 30% of the heat inside the building.

    Bold Decor

    3M Window films come in contemporary styles with a high-quality glazing effect. Window films enhance the look of your building, decorative films always pique the interest of potential clients.

    Pleasant atmosphere

    3M films block up to 82% of solar heat and tinted films reduce up to 84% of glare, thereby improving the tenant’s well-being. When window films are installed, the building’s temperature becomes solely regulated by the building’s heating and ventilation system and is no longer affected by the position of the sun.

    Improved durability

    3M films block 99% of all ultraviolet rays. Window protection films also extend the shelf life of floor coverings and office furnishings. When the films lose their characteristics over time, they can easily be removed and replaced as necessary.

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