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Consulting analysis
For flawless results While replacing your windows can be very expensive and not very ecological, anti-UV films offer a sustainable and economical solution. Reduce electricity costs with energy-efficient films and unparalleled comfort.

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step process, tested for lasting results

They also chose Berkayly

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for your large-scale projects

With over 10,000 completed installations and 100 large-scale projects over the past 30 years, we are without a doubt the best choice for your project. Berkayly is a Certified 3M Preferred Graphics Installer endorsed by the National Network of Canada and the United States. Our work is fully guaranteed. In addition, our staff is bilingual which ensures optimal communication on all sites.


Berkayly also ensures ongoing training for all employees so that our team stays up to date. Our expert technicians are not only certified for the installation of all types of 3M window films, they are also certified for operating specialized equipment, such as lifting platforms, moving scaffolds and articulated boom lifts. Thus guaranteeing a job well done.

An analysis carried out by experts

To start your project on the right foot

We can also provide the management of major projects, including:

Our analysis of your project is carried out in harmony with your vision. As we want, above all, to present concrete solutions that are adapted to your budget and deadlines.

A 6-step process

For lasting results

On-site assessment

Our analysis of your project is carried out in harmony with your vision. As we want, above all, to present concrete solutions that are adapted to your budget and deadlines.

Installation needs assessment

The team determines your window film needs and the best method of installation. For example, we evaluate the best platform for an overhead installation. We also take into account your special requests such as the installation schedule so as not to disturb your employees and respect your privacy.

Detailed quote

Our expert technician goes again on site to present you with a detailed project quote and explains the schedule of the work to be carried out. This step allows you to fully understand the process and get your questions answered as needed.

Mandate approval and preparation

Once the quote is approved, we do everything we can to ensure that our mandate is carried out as stipulated in our agreement. Whatever the size of the project, good planning is crucial for their completion.

Work execution

Our team of certified and experienced installers will then install the window films. The installation is executed as detailed in the plans and under the supervision of the project manager.

Quality assurance and follow-up

Our experts will follow up on the execution of the work in addition to ensuring your complete satisfaction. At this point, you will clearly understand how Berkayly integrates its three fundamental objectives and complementary values:

Safety on construction sites

We make it our priority

At Berkayly, our employees’ safety is important. That’s why, in addition to providing training to our team of technicians on the installation of 3M window films, we also provide a hazard prevention program on construction sites. All our technicians have the operating certifications for specialized equipment approved according to CSA standards in addition to the ASP safety card and the workplace first aid certificate. We can also provide you with a letter of compliance from the CNESST as well as a Revenu Québec certificate .

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