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window films

For your safety and comfort

Window films

Solutions for the comfort, style, security and safety of your home
Trust us to find the right window film product to suit your needs for your home. We have the best solutions to:

Reduce heat;

Block the sun's rays;

Minimize glare;

Lower your energy bill;

Improve your family’s comfort; and,

Increase safety and security.

They chose Berkayly for their home improvement project

What type of window film are you looking for?

Sun protection films

The installation of a sun protection film considerably reduces heat and minimizes glare. It will also protect your furniture against fading.

Decorative Films

Decorative films offer an excellent economical alternative to sandblast glass. Create a unique look and a stylish touch to your decor while adding privacy to your home.

Di-Noc Products

These are aesthetic architectural films designed to provide a new style to your interior design at a lower cost. Produced to simulate wood, stone, metal, concrete, granite and marble effects.

Security Films

These films act as a real shield against violent impacts as well as protecting your household from intruders and flying debris. The security films also protects you in case of a spontaneous glass breakage.

Concrete Protection & Cleaning

Protect all concrete surfaces with eco-friendly concrete protective coatings and paint removers that ensure the permanent waterproofing of the protected concrete surfaces.

"Feather Friendly" (™) Wildlife Protection

Prevent birds from colliding with your windows with “Feather Friendly”(™) bird deterrent films. They reduce the number of collisions without reducing the light transmission from the outside. Durable and aesthetic product that blends in with the architectural style of your home.

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