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Films for
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Why consult Berkayly experts?

Whether you own a house or a condo, our experts will recommend our most advantageous products for you:

  • Fast and certified installers
  • Attention to detail and the protection of your assets
  • Durable and safe products
  • Competitive prices
  • Superior quality films
  • Easy and guaranteed installation

The right film for you

3M Sun control films

Applying a sun control film can cut down on heat in the summer, while keeping the heat in during the winter. It also protects your furniture from fading by blocking UV rays.

Notre pellicule Low-E, vue de l'intérieur le soir

3M Decorative films

Decorative films offer an excellent economical alternative to frosted glass. Create a unique effect and a stylish touch to your decor while increasing your privacy.

Protégez votre résidence avec une pellicule de sécurité claire

3M Safety/security films

These films shield your home against violent impacts. Protecting you from intruders and flying debris. Safety/security films can also protect you in case of spontaneous glass breakage.

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