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3M Thinsulate 75 Window Films

Providing quality and versatility, the 3M Thinsulate 75 window films have allowed many clients to benefit from their many advantages. The residence of the Governor of Minnesota is a perfect example of how insulating films can help our clients.


The residence of the Governor of Minnesota has been home to 10 governors over the past decades and encompasses a land area that totals over 16,000 square feet. The residence has nine bedrooms and eight bathrooms and has been a heritage site under the Register for Historic Buildings since 1974. This iconic architectural landmark is located on Summit Avenue and is considered an important symbol of Minnesota’s historical heritage.

A Big Challenge

This important property has been well preserved by the state as a historical monument. Therefore, under conservation law it is not permitted to alter its architectural design in any way. However, it was necessary to undertake certain renovations in order to ensure that the house would be more energy efficient. The single-pane windows allowed harmful air currents to enter into the house. Additionally, the renovation work had to abide by all the government standards for increased energy efficiency. This was a challenge that presented many obstacles. The contractors would have to carry out the work properly while complying with all the imposed norms and requirements.

The administration in charge of this historic Governor of Minnesota’s residence now faced a complex dilemma. The energy efficiency standards of the property had to meet the requirements of a new law stipulating that all government-owned buildings had to respect the unique character of the architecture and leave it practically unchanged.

Unsurpassed Comfort

The administration opted for the installation of 3M Thinsulate 75 window films. By using these 3M thermal control films, they were able to considerably increase the level of insulation inside the residence. This technology allows the solar heat touching the glass, to be emitted inside the residence during the cold seasons in order to regulate the ambient temperature and maintain a more comfortable interior. This revolutionary solution is applied directly onto existing windows and is near completely invisible. The protective film also reduces any loss of heat up to almost 38%, resulting in significant savings on heating costs. This same technology adapts to the changing climate by preserving the coolness of the interiors in the summers, thereby creating the opposite effect.

Complete Protection Against UV Rays

In addition to increasing the level of insulation, 3M Thinsulate 75 window films use a patented technology to help protect the furniture in the residence manor. The protective film not only improves the insulation but also prevents the discoloration of furniture placed near the windows. UV rays can generally have a damaging effect on furniture and can accelerate the deterioration of materials sensitive to brightness. Films with Low-E technology actively block 99.9% of UV rays and give the furniture inside the residence full protection against exposure to the sun.

Substantial Savings

The contract for the residence of the Governor of Minnesota included the installation of approximately 11,000 square feet of 3M Thinsulate 75 window film onto the pre-existing window glass. This technology proved to be a much simpler and more cost effective alternative to replacing all the windows in the house. It has not only helped to greatly improve the building’s energy performance, but has also saved the administration significant amounts of money.

Preserving The Architectural Aesthetic

Being almost completely transparent, 3M Thinsulate insulation films have had no aesthetic impact on the appearance of the residence. Because the windows weren’t replaced, the entire architectural aesthetic of the building was fully preserved. The manor was thus able to retain the unique character for which it is renown.





There are many great reasons for choosing 3M Thinsulate 75 insulation window films. The case of the historic residence of the Governor of Minnesota is a perfect example of the many advantages you and your family can benefit from when using this technology. Now you can dramatically improve your windows’ level of insulation while at the same time protecting your belongings and furniture from the damages caused by UV rays. You also save significant amounts of money while benefiting from outstanding thermal protection. To learn more about our products, get in touch and speak to one of our advisors today.

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