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A bird will occasionally strike the window of a house, a business or another building due to the fact that birds often can’t see the transparent glass. However, there are products available that will dramatically reduce the incidence of bird strikes. Berkayly’s bird-deterrent films are designed to make windows bird safe without reducing the light transmission from the outside.


To maximize its effectiveness, bird-deterrent film should be applied to a window’s outer surface so that the reflective surface of the glass doesn’t mask the film’s effects; the film’s texture must be visible to birds in order for them to avoid hitting the window. Berkayly’s products are designed to address all factors leading to bird strikes, and therefore maximise the effectiveness of its solutions.


To many residents and homeowners, good visibility is an essential aspect of a window, as people tend to want light to penetrate properly and illuminate the space. Nobody wants their view obstructed by opaque glass coatings; Berkayly’s bird deterrent film is engineered to not reduce the window’s brightness or clarity. It offers 98 per cent transparency and visibility to preserve your environment’s brightness.


All bird deterrent solutions must be able to last for several years in order to be an economically-viable choice for building owners or managers. Our bird-deterrent solutions feature a three-year warranty by 3M. When properly maintained, our window films have a lifespan of eight years.


Bird deterrent products must blend in with a building’s style in order to improve rather than detract from its look. Unlike competing options, Berkayly’s films are designed to be discreet and to not detract from a building’s architectural features.


Bird-deterrent films are simple to install, maintain and replace. Since your windows can be maintained more easily, and your staff will no longer have to find and dispose of birds that have struck your windows, you will save considerable time and money.


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